Forklift Certification for an Individual

Our Forklift Certification and Training Class for individuals is the same training that we offer to our business clients. The training manual is designed for both experienced, and inexperienced forklift drivers. The Trainer has over 30-years of experience and he will work one-on-one with each student until they are comfortable driving the forklift. Once you are comfortable with the controls, you will use the forklift to move pallets and place them on, and take them off of shelves. We train 900-1200 people each year and for many, this was their first time on a forklift. It doesn’t matter if you have never driven an forklift, or if you are just learning to drive a forklift. Houston Forklift Safety can help!

The training costs $90.00 and it takes about 3-hours to get your forklift license and forklift certification. Call (713) 782-0733 or book your training here.

5 comments on “Forklift Certification for an Individual
  1. michael t. mcvicker says:

    I am regestering for the forklift training class friday march 24 2017

    • Houston Forklift Safety says:

      Thank you for choosing Houston Forklift Safety. We realize that you have other options and we appreciate this opportunity to work with you.

  2. Hi,o stay in Bryan College Station, and I want to get my licence. Can I come, or have to be a residence of Houston?

  3. Jared Wages says:

    I have applied for the 6/23 class. What are my payment options? Can I pay online or do I need to pay you in person? Do you take debit cards or is it cash only?

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