Employment Scam Alert – January 2018

(sorry that it is so long but I have copied and pasted what was sent to me)

I received a call from one of the people that we (Houston Forklift Safety) trained last week. He was upset because he had applied for a job and they had refused to accept his forklift certification. He forwarded the following email: (Please note that we did try to contact “Mona R” prior to posting this but did not receive a response. Also note that we have “redacted’ some of this information because we wanted to protect the identity of the person who sent it to us).

On (date & time redacted) , “Mona R” <monar.empire@gmail.com> wrote:

We have received your resume and we are very interested in speaking with you about the available positions. We have DIRECT HIRE POSITIONS available. We need to fill positions in 15 Distribution Centers in the Houston area. These are mostly full time positions with a few part time openings available. We have all 3 shifts available. In order for us to further assist you with the current job openings that are available, you must have a OSHA Compliant License and Certification for the forklift. We need to make sure that you meet all TEXAS-OSHA standards and that you are eligible for the warehouse forklift positions.

Entry level forklift operators (little to no experience) make between $13-$15/hr to start and increases for experienced operators up to $18-$19 hr DOE/location/job requirements.

If you have any more questions please respond to this email.

We are working with a local Forklift Certification Company to assist you with this requirement. They do charge a small fee of $80 for a Full 3 year OSHA Certification and License or $60 for if you have a valid prior certification. This is to verify that you are in compliance and meet all OSHA Requirements.

They are located at 3890 North FWY Ste. A Houston TX 77022 – across from the Texas Health and Human Services Office. Located by the I-610 and I-45 FWY by Crosstimbers. Hours are: M – F from 9am-3pm and Sat 9am-12pm. Please be there at least 2 hours before closing time, so they can properly certify you. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY, just go directly to the location.

If you have questions about the OSHA Certification please call (713) 695-4820

Upon completion please submit a copy/photo of your certification/license to hroshacompliance@gmail.com and let them know that you had already submitted your resume so we can match them. Please include contact information.



The student submitted copies of the certificates and wallet card that we had given him and, per instructions, let them know that he had already submitted a resume. Here was their response:

From: “Mona R” <monar.empire@gmail.com>
Subject: Re:


You must have a 3 year OSHA Compliant License and Certification for the forklift. We need to make sure that you meet all OSHA standards and that you are eligible for the warehouse forklift positions.


If You need to get your 3 YEAR OSHA Certification and / or Training please go to the address provided

The OSHA standard requires that the employer certify that each operator has received the training and has been evaluated. The written certification record (LICENSE) must include the name of the operator, the date of the training, the date of the evaluation, and the identity of the person(s) performing the training or evaluation.

The attached photo is a sample of the actual wallet card that we issue to all of our customers. The only modification is that I replaced his name with mine... Please note that trainer's signature, dates, name of operator, etc.) and all other info that "Mona R" referenced was clearly visible. (she obviously didn't bother to even look at his credentials). This is clearly some sort of scam. There are several clues. The first is that the name of the company and "Mona R's" contact information is nowhere to be found on any of these emails. The second sign that this is a scam is that there are no "Texas-OSHA Standards. These guys have been running this same scam in California where Cal-OSHA standards do exist and they just updated the form letter that they use. The third sign that this is a scam is that no legitimate employer is going to make you pay for training. The company that they mention

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