Citation Assistance

Citation Assistance

OSHA InspectionCitation Assistance

Have you received an OSHA Citation? The Citation Process can be intimidating and confusing. It helps to have someone that is well-versed in OSHA Standards on your side. Someone who helps you through the process of what to do to and when to do it. Someone like Houston Forklift Safety!

We review citations for accuracy because, as difficult as this is to believe, OSHA Inspectors sometimes make mistakes. You should not have to pay for erroneous citations and you should not have to pay for hazards that don’t exist.

The problem is, real hazard or not, there are steps that must be taken and there are deadlines that must be met. Houston Forklift Safety will help to develop a plan of action on how to handle the citation(s); help you negotiate and discuss the citation(s) with OSHA; and recommend proper and practical solutions that everyone can live with.

Having Houston Forklift Safety on your side can save you time, effort, money, and mistakes.  Having Houston Forklift Safety on your side can help you comply with existing citations and could also help eliminate repeat and future violations. Call (713) 782-0733 to learn more.

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