Accidents and Incidents (Pt. 2)

An accident occurred during maintenance

The worker was injured while performing “routine” maintenance on the truck. These types of injuries usually involve cuts, burns, scrapes and scratches


The operator was driving too fast and lost control of truck

It is the Operator’s responsibility to travel at a safe speed and to keep the machine under control at all times.


The machine was left in gear

Hundreds of workers are run over when they get off of the machine to move an obstruction or to pick up something that had fallen off of the load that they were carrying. They exit the machine and either forget to set the park brake. forget to place the directional controls into neutral or the park brake was not working.


The operator was distracted or not paying attention

It only takes a moment for an incident to occur. It is important that the forklift driver is alert and is paying attention at all times. Do not allow yourself to get distracted and do not talk on the phone or wear ear buds while the machine is moving.


An employee was overcome by carbon monoxide or propane fuel

More than 2,000 workers are overcome by exhaust fumes each year. It is important to make certain that the area that you are working in is well ventilated.


The trailer moves when a forklift was entering, exiting or inside

It is not unusual for truck drivers to drive away from the loading dock with a forklift inside. This usually happens because the driver thought the lift truck operator was done loading/unloading their trailer. A  trailer can also roll away from a loading dock because the wheels were not properly chocked.


Employee fell, jumped or was ejected from the vehicle

In 98% of all tip-over incidents that involve a fatality, the worker either jumped or was ejected in the same direction that the truck was tipping. Most of these workers would still be alive had they been wearing their seat belts.


Travelling with a load that is not secured (shifts or falls) or a load that was sitting on a bad or broken pallet

It is very important to make certain that the load is properly stacked, secured and sitting on a good pallet.

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