Job Search Plan (Intro)

Your job-search can either be a “crap shoot”, or it can be a well-organized and implemented plan of action. Because of advances in technology, most people use the “Pray and Spray” job search approach. Most people only spend 30-40 minutes a day looking for work. They log onto a couple of job search websites (like,, etc.), read through a few of the job listings and fire off a couple of resumes.

It’s a “numbers game” approach that simply does not work in today’s job market. The main problem, at least statistically, is that it takes about 500-hours to find a new job. Unless something changes, your “job search” would last about 2-years using this method. Most people simply can’t wait this long and they either give up, or they “settle”, for a dead-end job. We’ve put together this “Job Search Plan” because we don’t want your search to end this way….

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. I believe that this scripture could also apply to your job search. You can use the “Pray and Spray” method (like most people do), or you can implement and develop a “Job Search Strategy”. There will always be competition but, if your job search is built on a solid foundation, there are some very specific steps that will help you succeed.

Searching for work should not be tricky and it should not be complicated. This plan is a simple, easy to follow, step-by-step plan that is based on hourly, daily and weekly goals. We provide the plan. You set the goals. It is your job search and your results will be determined by the amount of effort and energy that you invest. All we ask is that you call Houston Forklift Safety (713-782-0733) if you need a forklift license or forklift certification. Good luck.

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