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Welcome to our job leads page. This is the part of of our website where we post forklift driver jobs, warehouse jobs, truck driver jobs, crane operator jobs, etc.). The service is free and anyone can post a job lead. The leads come from companies we work with, people we have trained, employment websites and staffing agencies. Houston Forklift Safety is a training company, not an employer. Remember that no legitimate employer will ever try to sell you anything and they will not ask for money; and do not give your personal information (social security number, driver’s license number, etc.) out over the phone. Please read this Employment Scam Alert before you proceed and you may also be interested in our “Job Search-Tips and Resources” Blog. Thank you for visiting our website and please let us know if you, or someone you know needs a forklift license or a forklift certification. Houston Forklift Safety (713) 782-0733.

Please note, in order to protect the privacy, as well as the best interests of our clients, the following steps have been implemented:

1. Some of the jobs listings on this page are password protected.
2. the password is not provided if any of the following apply:
   a) you were trained by another company
   b) an employer or a staffing company paid for your training
   c) you did not complete/pass the course
   d) your training has expired, or will expire, in 14-months or less
   e) Houston Forklift Safety did not receive the payment for your training
   f) and/or the payment for your training was disputed, credited or refunded

3. Prior to being published, the job listings are reviewed by an Administrator for content, clarity and quality. Job listings for “MLM or “Get Rich Quick” businesses, as well as job listings that do not match Houston Forklift Safety’s “Vision Statement”, “Mission Statement” or “Core Values”, will not be published.


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