Golfer run over by toilet. Forklift Driver blamed (and other accidents)

I was looking through some online incident reports because one of the Trainers who took our “Train the Trainer” course had requested some information that he could use for Tool Box Meetings and for Training Classes. I saw the headline, “Golfer Hit By Toilet. Forklift Driver Blamed” and, as a person who enjoys an occasional round of golf myself, could not resist reading the article.

I have included a link to that article, as well as other articles and videos about forklift accidents. I will be including some other free training resources very soon. Please let me know what types of information you would like to see included. Thank you. Here are the links:

  1. Worker killed when fork attachment falls off of Telescopic Handler on Construction site
  2. Man’s leg crushed by forklift in Port Everglades – 
  3. Michigan running back Drake Johnson run over by a forklift – 
  4. Forklift driver charged with Gross Vehicular Homicide – 
  5. Prosecutors consider manslaughter charges against Forklift Driver – 
  6. Forklift Driver indicted in death of contract worker at a Honda Plant – 
  7. **graphic video** Truck Driver crushed by forklift – 
  8. The United States v. Housek involves a case where a Manager, who was at home in bed when the accident occured, is charged and found guilty of causing an accident –
  9. Man killed when a pipe slides off of a forklift –  (*update – the company and the foreman on the job have been charged with Negligent Homicide in this case. This case is still pending).
  10. **graphic video** – this is a common practice in far too many warehouses – 
  11. Golfer run over by toilet – Forklift Driver blamed (you can’t make this stuff up)

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