Job Placement

Each year, Houston Forklift Safety trains between three hundred and four hundred people who are between jobs or who are looking for a better, higher paying job. We also work with businesses that are hiring. We’re not a staffing company…but we areĀ dedicated to helping our customers. This is why we have added a job placement section to our website.
There is a page where people can post and manage job openings (forklift driver, warehouse worker and other types of jobs). There is also a page where people can view and apply for these positions. It is a free service.

*Please note, that in order to protect the privacy and the best interests of our customers, the following steps have been implemented:

  1. Some job leads are password protected for a period of 48-72 hours. This is because certain business client prefer to hire someone that Houston Forklift Safety has trained.
    a. the password is only provided to people that we have trained
    b. the password is not provided if:
    1. you went to another company for your forklift certification
    2. an employer or a staffing company paid for your training
  2. Prior to being published, the job listings are reviewed by an Administrator for content, clarity and quality. Job listings for “MLM or “Get Rich Quick” businesses, as well as job listings that cannot be verified, will not be published.


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