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The information on this page is intended for people who have already registered for one of our Forklift Certification Classes. The purpose of this email is to explain what to expect and what will happen after you complete this course. Before we begin, if you have not done so, you should confirm your booking (click here). Once this is done, you should “like” our pages on Google+ and on Facebook. This is where we post info about job leads, job fairs and hiring events.
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  • a notepad and a pen
  • water and coffee are provided (free of charge) but you should bring a drink if you do not want one of these
  • a valid ID (driver’s license, passport, student id, etc.)
  • if you paid online then you can sign in when you arrive. If you have not paid then you will need to register and pay when you get here. we accept cash, money orders, company checks and most major credit cards

Dress Code

Hundreds of Business Owners and Hiring Managers have come to these classes and people sometimes have their wives, children and mothers with them when they get dropped off. Because of this, we have adapted the following dress code:

  • Dress code is "Casual". (Please note that "casual" does not mean you should dress like you were lounging around the house or headed to the beach). Shorts and jeans are allowed but "cutoffs" are not. These photos are good example of what "casual" looks like in a warehouse setting.  
  • You don’t need work boots or steel toed shoes but CLOSE TOED SHOES WITH NON-SKID SOLES ARE REQUIRED!!! OSHA does not allow us to put people on the forklift if we can see their toes or if we can see the toes of their socks. We are also not allowed to let people on the forklift if they are wearing boots or shoes with slick leather soles.   
  • PPE (gloves, safety shoes, hard hats, etc.) are optional for this training. You can bring them if you want but, they are not a requirement for this class.


  • The training starts promptly at 9:00 am. Please don’t be late because OSHA is very specific about the training requirements and, if you miss too much of the class, we cannot pass you
  • Expect to be here for 3-4 hours. The class is usually over in 3 hours (±30-minutes) but, because of variances in class sizes and experience, there are times when the class runs a little long. We cannot control how many people show up and some students are more experienced than others.
  • Cell phones should be turned off or on silent. OSHA requires the Trainer to evaluate the “transfer of knowledge” that is taking place. It is difficult, if not impossible to do, when a student spends a significant amount of time staring at their phone. We will ot take them up and we will not embarrass you but, we also WILL NOT PASS YOU if what is happening on your phone is more important than what is happening in this class.
  • A written test MAY be given. Most tests we give are a combination of verbal testing and student Q&A but, on certain occasions, the Trainer is required to give a written test. These tests are required documents during an OSHA audit.
  • You will be using a forklift to lift, stack and move pallets. The Trainer will work with you as you complete a series of maneuvers while driving the forklift. this is the “hands-on” part of your training. 


  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion and a Wallet Card when you successfully complete the hands-on portion of this training. Please note that additional training may be required before the certificate and wallet cards are issued.
  • Click this link when you complete your training. It contains information and instructions that you’ll need to access our secret job leads page. it also contains the link to our private newsletter. This is the best place to receive the job search tips and additional information that will only be shared with people who we have trained.