Hurricane Harvey Update & Crane Certification Deadline Extended

I had not planned this post but a couple of things have happened. The first is Hurricane Harvey. We are high and dry but there are tens of thousands of people who were not as fortunate. It breaks my heart to see the city that I love in tatters. I know that I am not alone. My thoughts and prayers go out to those that have lost their homes. I know that Texans are tough and resilient. We will rebuild and it will be bigger and better than before.

Also, because I might not have a chance to do so later, I wanted to mention a big announcement that will affect many of our customers. OSHA has just announced that the deadline for crane operator certification has been extended until November 10, 2018. This is a good thing because it gives them a chance to fix a bad regulation. I posted the following comment on their website:

Comment Tracking Number: 1k1-8ydu-uqhp

To whom it may concern,

I was pleased to learn that the compliance deadline for Crane Operator Certification has been extended. This extension will allow time for you to consider additional options and revisions to CFR 29 1926.1427 paragraph b. The current options for crane certification are:
Option 1. Certification by an independent testing organization accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting organization;
Option 2. Qualification by an employer’s independently audited program;
Option 3. Qualification by the U.S. military; or
Option 4. Compliance with qualifying state or local licensing requirements.

There is no option for someone like me. I fall through the cracks. I am an experienced operator (30+ years); I am an experienced Trainer (since 1999) and; I have completed The University of Texas OSHA Education Center “Authorized Trainer (Safety)” and “OSHA #2055 Cranes in Construction” courses. 

I am able to issue Crane & Rigging Safety wallet cards through the Outreach Portal but, because the options are limited, am unable to provide this service. There are hundreds of people who, like myself, are qualified to train crane operators. We have experience in the cab and in the classroom. I do not believe that OSHA intended to prevent employers from utilizing our services but, unfortunately, it has happened. It is my belief that adding a fifth option to paragraph b (for third-party trainers who meet specific requirements) would remedy this situation. 

Respectfully submitted,
Charles Palmer
Houston Forklift Safety

P.S. Stay safe and please let us know how you, and your family, are doing. You are more than customers. You are friends. You are in my thoughts and you are in my prayers.


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