Who we are

We opened in 2008 and quickly became the premier source for forklift certification and training in Southeast Texas. Our Trainer is an experienced equipment operator, an experienced trainer and has just completed the OSHA Education Center’s “Authorized Trainer (Safety) course. It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience, or have never driven a forklift. Houston Forklift Safety can help.

  • 30+ years of experience
  • 900-1200 workers trained each year
  • we work with businesses
  • we work with staffing agents
  • we work with individuals and
  • the training can be done at our location or at yours

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History and milestones

    • 2008: Houston Forklift Safety began operations and quickly became the premier source for forklift certification and operator training in Houston.
    • 2009: By the end 2009, we were working with hundreds of Houston area businesses
    • 2010: We expanded our service territory and certified the first of many forklift drivers in Austin, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio.
    • 2011: We moved to our present location (in Spring, TX) and began offering forklift certification classes to individuals
    • 2014: Houston Forklift Safety began training at ExxonMobil in Baytown, Friendswood, Houston, Mont Belvieu and Spring
    • 2015: Our Trainer became an Instructor for Houston Community College System and began training we began teaching their Forklift Certification classes
    • 2016: Our Trainer completed the OSHA Education Center’s Authorized Trainer (Safety) Course and began offering several new courses

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Our Trainer

It is difficult to imagine, but there are people teaching “Forklift Safety Classes” who have never driven a forklift. They collect your money, turn on a video and hand you a piece of paper (Forklift Certification) when their forklift video ends. You could go online and get this same training for about forty-five dollars. Houston Forklift Safety is different:

  • Our Trainer has been operating forklifts, scissor lifts, overhead cranes, etc. (complete list here) since May, 1980.
  • Our Trainer has worked in warehouses, fabrication shops, machine shops, pipe yards and on construction sites.
  • Our Trainer has over seven years of experience investigating forklift accidents
  • Our Trainer has been training equipment operators since 1999.
  • Our Trainer has worked for some of the largest equipment dealers in North America (Adobe Equipment, Briggs Equipment, Mustang)
  • Our Trainer has taught Forklift Certification classes at some of the largest colleges in the Houston area (The University of Houston (UH-Downtown); The University of Texas (UT-Health) and he is currently the Forklift Instructor for Houston Community College
  • Our Trainer understands the challenges that a forklift driver faces.
  • Our Trainer talks about accidents, or near-miss incidents that he has either witnessed or investigated.
  • Our Trainer talks about the ways that that running over plastic, loose debris, etc. can damage the machine and cost the company thousands of dollars
  • Our Trainer helps the student to understand that the “employer” may write the check…but that the forklift driver is actually the one who is paying for the repair (bonuses, raises, overtime, etc.).

These are just a few of the reasons why people drive from Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, New Orleans and Shreveport to attend our Forklift Certification classes. It is also why they come from places like Austin, Beaumont, Corpus, Dallas and San Antonio. They are the same reasons why you should choose us. Houston Forklift Safety. There really is a difference.

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Vision | Mission

Houston Forklift Safety shall remain an industry leader by:

  • Reflecting Christ in all words, deeds and actions
  • Providing the highest quality of training at fair and reasonable prices
  • Placing the training needs of the individual ahead of company profits
  • Providing customer service and training that exceeds customer expectations
  • Seeking to constantly improve the training and services that we offer
  • Remembering that these machines can be dangerous and that this training could make the difference between life and death

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