Training for a person

There are reasons why ExxonMobil, Energy Transfer, Turner Brothers, Mustang Engineering and others choose Houston Forklift Safety. I am one of them. My name is Charles and I train forklift drivers. I have 30+ years of experience and I train 900-1200 people each year. I’m also an Authorized Trainer for The OSHA Education Center. The training for individuals is the same training that our business clients receive. It is hands-on, inter-active and designed for both experienced, and inexperienced forklift drivers. It is also OSHA compliant.


The questions that most people ask are: How much does it (a Forklift Certification) cost?; How long does it take (to get “Certified”)?; When is your next class? and Can you help me find a job? The cost is $90.00; It takes about 3-hours; and The training schedule is posted online (Here is the link –; You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion (Forklift Certification); a Wallet Card (Forklift License); and access to several free resources when you complete your training. The last question is tougher to answer……


We provide forklift training and employers provide jobs. That’s how it works. When someone posts a job ad and then, when you call, they try to sell you something, it is probably a scam. They are selling promises and, the sad truth is, the jobs they posted probably do not exist. The problem is so serious that both The Texas Workforce Commission and, The Federal Trade Commission, have issued warnings. Here are the links: Workforce Warning and FTC Warning   (*note – the FTC warning also includes several useful links). CBS News has also aired a story. Here is the link to it: Forklift Employment Scams. The story is about a company in California but this same scam has been reported in Arizona, Georgia, Texas and other States.


Scammers are smart and their ads look very real. Please be careful and do your research. Ask about these companies on Social Media. Search online for customer reviews, complaints and ratings. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Ask the company about their refund policy and ask them what happens if you do not get the job. Remember the old saying, If it seems to good to be true….it probably is”.

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